Technical Cooperation System

Charsire is dedicated to the promotion of a collaborative model between the medical system and channels, which allows our technical achievement to effectively assist with local development.

Medical System Collaboration

Brand/Distributor Collaboration

The core technologies of Charsire apply the safety and quality control standard of new drugs onto the interdisciplinary collaboration in medical institutions, in order to provide physicians with better products and courses of treatment, allowing patients with skin damages, or patients with radiation therapy and rehabilitation requirements, to receive a more comprehensive care during and after their treatment.

Charsire works with brands and distributors to apply its core technologies on manufacturers with requirements of relevant products in preventive medicine and skin, in order to tailor the series of products that are in line with the needs of the future market for its partners.




Development Project of the Southern Intelligent Biomedical Industry-Academia Settlement Experiment Consultation Line


For the purpose of facilitating domestic industry upgrade, the Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, MOST has specially pushed forward the Development Project of the Southern Intelligent Biomedical Industry-Academia Settlement, which encourages the industry, academia, research sector, and medical circle to utilize innovation and technical R&D to construct a clinical trust model, increase the replacement ratio of domestically manufactured goods over imported products, provide manufacturers with solutions on constructing integrated systems, as well as expand on the export output for the entire field and strive for international business opportunities.





Kaohsiung Medical University “Tissue Regeneration and Cosmetic Repairment Demonstration Center”


In order to accelerate patients’ wound healing and cosmetic repairment, the Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital has established the “Tissue Regeneration and Cosmetic Repairment Demonstration Center”, and facilitated the 3 major domestic society for wound care to sign the MOU, hoping to achieve the best wound healing result through the integration of therapeutic care with the exchange of medical and sanitation supplies.





Taiwan Society for Wound Care “Tissue Regeneration and Cosmetic Repairment” Medical Staff Training Course


The educational training and lectures for the professional personnel (nurses, research assistants) in various collaboration systems have facilitated the external pharmaceutical preparations from the core technology of Charsire to be more professionally disposed and applied in fields including medical cosmetology and medical supply.


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