Corporate Social Responsibility

Diligently, persistently, actively

implements the benevolent goodwill of salvation


Since its establishment in 2002, Charsire Biotechnology has been met with numerous changes and challenges, though under the collaborative effort of the operation team, the company manages to perform relatively well, and continues to provide top notch and safe natural plant extract products for domestic and overseas clients and consumers.


Adhering to the spirit of giving back to the society for what has been taken, Charsire actively participates in local events to give back to the society, and hopes to shoulder the mission of “diligently, persistently, and actively implements the benevolent goodwill of salvation” in order to exert bigger benefit and influence, as well as strive for the health and welfare for all human beings.

Sports health care and support program

Athletes require heavy and intense use of joints and muscles during trainings and competition, which often leads to sports injuries, where one may be temporarily affected by interruption in trainings should it be a minor injury, or otherwise sustain permanent injuries, affecting their professional performance, and even forfeit their career.


Charsire offers long-term funding on scholarships as well as external health care products and education for Taiwanese athletes, while also provides daily sports maintenance for these athletes. Application before and after exercise helps athletes with recovering physical strength, maintaining training duration, and achieving maximum sports performance; in addition, it is able to delay the deterioration of knees, shoulders, wrists, vertebral columns, and full body joints, as well as maintain agility in order to prevent injuries and allow athletes to embrace all challenges with the best condition.

Sports care and support program

Shin Rong Senior High School Basketball Team

Charsire Biotechnology funds the Shin Rong Senior High School Basketball Team on external care products, which assist athletes with joints maintenance, prevent the occurrence of sports injury, and facilitate a healthier and longer sports careers for these athletes at the same time.

Sports care and support program

National Taiwan University of Sport

Charsire Biotechnology funds the Olympic athletes of the National Taiwan University of Sport with sports care products, which provide daily joints maintenance before and after exercises, delay deterioration, help with elevation in sports performance, and prevent sports injury.

Sports care and support program

Feng Tian Junior High School Little League Team

Charsire Biotechnology funds the Feng Tian Junior High School Little League Team on external care products, and the application of these products before and after exercises help athletes with joint maintenance, and rapidly restore physical strength. As long as athletes comprehensively follow daily maintenance, they are able to maintain excellent condition and climb to new heights!

Sports care and support program

Far East University e-Sports Team

Charsire Biotechnology helps with e-sports players with eye maintenance, prevents damages of 3C monitors to the eyes, while also looks after their shoulders and wrists that are used for a prolonged period, prevents joints deterioration, and maintains agile response.

Public welfare, deep root of love

Apart from professionally inheriting new plant drugs and providing care for athletes, Charsire Biotechnology also responds to local public welfare with actions, and hopes to create an echo that everyone is able to enjoy better living quality, whether it is material, medical, or health, creating more possibilities in life.


“Respect the duty of life” is the biggest foundation of Charsire Biotechnology, which has facilitated the company to continuously invest and study in the R&D field of new plant drugs, allowing Charsire to grow prosperously from just a seed in the past. With great power comes greater responsibility, and from external care to preventive medicine, Charsire has been developing more sophisticated technical resources, hoping to give back to the society, and contribute itself to the public.

Feedback to the society

Responds to Tainan City’s “921 National Disaster Preparedness Day Walking Activity”

In order to elevate and reinforce citizens and enterprise staffs’s concept in correct earthquake disaster prevention and the adaptability in emergency evacuation, Charsire Biotechnology integrates relevant educational activities of disaster prevention and thousand people CPR, where the participation of actual events has achieved the purpose of national disaster prevention.

Feedback to the society

Responds to Southern Taiwan Science Park’s Love Month “Must Be You!”

World Vision Taiwan joined hands with the Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Nanke Rotary Club, and the Allied Association for Science Park Industries to converge energy, and provide assistance for vulnerable families in the Tainan metropolitan area that are in urgent medical needs, allowing them to alleviate from current predicaments, and seek medical treatment with a peace of mind.

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