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Our innovative discovery is based on powerful life sciences foundation with rigorous medical science as the guideline and respect for life as the starting point. The medical achievement derived from our constant research and development has been applied to improve the health care quality and preventive healthcare. Our vision is to improve the quality of people's life and social well-being.

Charsire equipped with experienced scientists and professionals as well as a well-established research center, including Cell Pharmacology Group, Animal Pharmacology Group, Chemical Analysis Group, Microbial Control Group, Quality Assurance Department. All manufacturing processes are lined with new drug development specifications and the latest Pharmacopoeia from biopharmaceutical leading countries in the world. The quality control department has been inspected for Pic/s GMP regulations.

We have already launched several projects on medical cooperation with local hospitals and made breakthroughs in order to keep fighting for better human health.

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Press Releases: New drugs study results

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The core pipeline drug has completed

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After years of study, we successfully identified the key factors " Core-LGF " from plants which lead to multi-faceted microcirculation in body.

Core Technology

New application of botanical drugs with anti-inflammatory and microvascular repair clinical manifestations


Focus on the development of new drugs for chronic ulcer wound healing, brain diseases such as dementia, skin reactions caused by radiotherapy, ophthalmology and osteoarthritis.


Global Medical Invention Patent Certification.  Halal Certification. Medical Device Certification. ISO 22716, ISO 9001, ISO 13485.  PIC/S GMP


PIC/S GMP Pharmaceutical factory

Charsire Biotech. is one of the PIC/S GMP-compliant pharmaceutical plants, and is also the ISO 22716, ISO 9001 and Halal certificated cosmetics manufacturer. We have outstanding scientists, personnel and technologies. Using pharmaceutical-grade ultrapure water system as the source of water in the plant, strictest quality control with standards in line with drug quality control, providing first-class manufacturing quality.


Pipelines for New Drugs Development

Pre-clinical Safety Studies

And More Patent Certifications

Medicine That Changed the Society

Through science, we bring health and welfare to human life, participate in various social activities, support remote communities, and sponsor the health care products and events for Taiwan sports (including Fengtian Little League baseball team, Shin Rong Senior High School basketball team, Far East University E-Sports teams…etc.) Let our inner energy be part of the changing power to make the world better.


Charsire has committed in the study of cell regeneration and anti-inflammation, as well as the application of microvascular repair. At present, three botanical new drugs in Charsire’s pipeline are in clinical phases: CSTC1, a new drug for diabetic wound healing, ACA for cancer skin radiation damage, and BAC for dementia.


In addition, R&D of ophthalmology (CSEC) new drug and orthopedics (BRE, CSFR) new drug is undergoing to aim for clinical development. Charsire’s core technology gained a patent of American medical invention in 2006. By 2016, it has been issued invention patent certificates in 16 countries including the European Union, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, and Singapore. Furthermore, in 2016, the second medical invention patent was applied and has been approved in Russia, Japan, Taiwan, etc...


In 2006, Charsire launched the anti-aging products brand Angastar and the topical health care for cellular restoration products brand SFONS. Both of these two brands received great feedback from consumers in the market. We also built the cosmeceutical skin care brand Dollses and the medical device for topical trauma dressings Celludoxa, in order to apply the core technologies to preventive medicine in the future.

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Through the first-hand experience, feel Charsire’s persistence and elaboration. Through passing on our research and development experiences, we hope to inspire more biotechnology scientists in Taiwan in the future.

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