Plant New Drug Technology Visit

Passing down the knowledge, enlightening future scientists

Charsire Biotechnology is committed to the development of botanical new drugs, and the patented technology that can regenerate cells has been recognized by 16 advanced countries including the United States, the European Union, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, etc. The new medicine applies to joints, eyes, skin, sleep problems and brain care.


The manufacture environment of Charsire Biotechnology has been approved with PIC / S GMP pharmaceutical certification, ISO22716 and ISO13485. We guarantee our products with the pharmaceutical grade manufacturing specifications and implement cell quality control standards. In response to the needs of the Middle East market, we have completed the review of the HALAL product manufacturing plant, presenting our best with the most rigorous standards. We also share with the academic industry selflessly, pass down the knowledge, and hope to inspire future scientists to work together for human health.

Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau

K.M.U Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology and Bioindustry Sciences, NCKU

University of HKBP Nommensen

Guoguang Laboratory School, National Sun Yat-sen University

Chung Shan Medical University

Department of Medical Sciences Industry, CJCU

Digital Media Design, FEU &Students and faculties of Xiamen University

Activity Profile

1. The development history of Charsire Biotechnology and the results of new drug R&D.

2. Visit to PIC / S GMP pharmaceutical factory and testing experience.

3. Water system quality monitoring management and testing experience.

4. Microbial monitoring management and testing experience.

5. Biological activity monitoring and testing experience.

6. DIY personal care products.

7. Quality test experience.

8. External care product experience activities.

How Make an Appointment

•  At least 18 to 35 people (max.) in each group. The event takes about 2 hours.

•  Please make the appointment 30 days before the schedule.

•  This event is by appointment only.

•  The activities are free.

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