We focus on developing innovative topical new drugs to address unmet needs in advanced brain and aging diseases.


We focus on developing innovative topical new drugs to address unmet needs in advanced brain and aging diseases

Turning Point
In 1993, Mr. I-Hung Chu who was studying in the Institute of Chemical Engineering of National Taiwan University, gave up his study in coveted Taiwan University to help his parents reduce the burden of the family business. He returned to Kaohsiung, his hometown to devote himself to his father’s business, traditional Chinese medicine processing and oriental medicine research.

In 1999, on the third day after the 921 earthquake, the first section of Mr. Chu’s left middle finger was accidentally snapped by a machine while he was processing the medicinal herbs. After 3 months of self-application of the traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, the fingertips and nails of about one centimeter grew out of the severed finger, which made Mr. Chu curious. Thus, he determined to figure out the magical and powerful recovery and regeneration ability of Chinese herbal medicines with his chemical background and expertise. Then the scientific extraction technology research of botanical medicines was carried out.

In November of the same year, Mr. Chu’s mother’s left ankle was crushed by a 3.5-ton iron ring inside a steel factory. Due to the severe trauma and blood stasis, his mother was faced with amputation. However, considering that his mother will become disabled from then on, Mr. Chu resolutely signed the consent form for refusal of surgery, and used his own scientifically extracted Chinese herbal medicine for external application. Three months later, the necrotic skin tissue at the wound site also miraculously healed and his mother can walk again.

The two treatment experiences made Mr. Chu and his wife, Ms. Chih-Yi Weng, more actively research the mechanism of action. In 2002, Charsire Biotechnology Corp. was officially established to develop new plant medication. Ms. Weng is responsible for conducting pharmacological research in the medical center laboratory, including experimental plans, animal pharmacological experiments, safety assessment, human clinical experiments, etc. And with the 20 years of perseverance, the Multi-Glycan Complex, MGC that soothes inflammatory factors and activates peripheral blood circulation and platelet derived growth factors is successfully extracted from soybeans.

In 2016, Mr. I-Hung Chu unfortunately passed away from overwork, and Ms. Chih-Yi Weng inherited her husband’s last wish, and upholds the concept of respecting life, studying and thinking, fulfilling commitments, creating a better life, so that the quality of life can be better. Ms. Weng successfully completed the US FDA phase II clinical trials of new topical drugs indicated for radiodermatitis and dementia, and obtained the approval of the Taiwan FDA for Class II medical device. At present.


Mr. I-Hung Chu


Ms. Chih-Yi Weng

Ms. Weng hopes to take “efforts, persistence, and positive realization of the good mind of saving people” as the mission, to exert greater benefits and influence, and to strive for the health and well-being of mankind.

Management Team

Chih-Yi Weng

Founder, Chairman & CEO

  • 20-year exp. in botanical new drug R&D
  • Nutritional biochemistry
  • New drug management
  • Registered dietitian at Chi Mei Hospital

Teng-Kai Chung

Chief Operating Officer

  • Molecular biochemistry
  • Clinical study management
  • Researcher at NUS and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Chun-Che Lin

Chief R&D Officer

  • Chemical analysis and biochip
  • Manager at MIRDC
  • Postdoctoral researcher at National Cheng Kung University

Chien-Yu Chen

Chief Technology Officer

  • Chemical analysis
  • Pharmaceutical factory QC control
  • CDMO manufacturing control
  • R&D manager at PharmaCore Biotech

Tzu-Hui Fang

Chief Financial Officer

  • 28-year exp. in international accounting and corporate finance
  • Accounting manager at Sinon Corp. and Tainan Enterprises Co.


Dr. Chao-Chin Chen

Board Member

  • Vice president of R&D at Cordis (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary)
  • Director at Safestitch
  • COO at UniMedVM

Dr. Chi-Yu Wu

Board Member
CEO at Proteosome Research Center of Taiwan Genome Medicine National Project

Wen-Nan Li

Board Member

  • General manager at Newai Chemical
  • VP of Nang Kuang Pharmaceutical Factory manager at Eisai (Japan)

Jeff Chiu

Board Member

  • Thunderbird School of Global Management, MBA
  • UC, Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology, B.A.
  • Co-founder at Balius EV Pte Ltd.
  • Chairman at Qookee Technologies Co., Ltd.

Medical Development Consultant

Dr. Yushan Zhong


  • Botanical Drug Development Consortium – Chief Director
  • Development Center for Biotechnology – Associate Director, Institute for Pharmaceutics
  • Botanical Drug Development (wound healing of diabetes, cancer and adjuvant therapy, Alzheimer’s disease, liver cancer and liver fibrosis, etc.)
  • Establishment of Chinese herbal medicine GACP cultivation and harvesting norms

Dr. Qiongzhi Zhang

Current Position

  • Neurology Department-Deputy Director
  • Department of Neurology, Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital – General Neurology Attending Physician
  • Cognitive neurology, neuroimaging , neurology, early onset dementia treatment, dementia treatment, geriatrics, radiology & medical imaging, carbon monoxide poisoning

Awards & Recognition

  2021National Innovation Award
  2021International Innovation Award, Enterprise Asia
  2021 Pharmaceutical Technology R&D Award
  2021Asia-Pacific Award for Quality in the Beauty Industry
  2020The National Brand YUSHAN Award
  2017Interview with Pharma Boardroom Magazine for new drug development entering clinical trials
  2014 “The phase II clinical trial of CSTC1, a new botanical drug for treating diabetic foot ulcer healing” was subsidized by the “A+ Industry Innovation R&D Program” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  2011“Application of lychee waste in the development of functional cosmetic & skin care products” was subsidized by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
  2011“Development of high-quality products for legume crops and purple sweet potato” was subsidized by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
  2011“Development of CSTC patented extracts for diabetic wound healing products” was subsidized by the Industrialization Technology Promotion Program of Biotechnology R&D Achievements of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA
  2003Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, Executive Yuan -Finalist
  2003Won the Gold Diamond Award for Top Commodities of the Consumers Association of the Republic of China
  2003Won the Golden Peak Award for Outstanding Enterprise and Outstanding Commodity