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Vascular Dementia – Market Insight, Epidemiology and Market Forecast – 2032 「Vascular Dementia (VaD) Emerging Drugs BAC: Charsire Biotechnology Corp」2022-12-25
Vascular Dementia Market Is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.05% in the 7MM for the Study Period of 2019-2032, Estimates DelveInsight 『Key pharmaceutical Vascular Dementia companies such as Charsire Biotechnology Corp…』2022-12-24
52 innovative organizations being accorded the International Innovation Awards 20212022-12-21
儕陞失智症新藥 拚2027在美上市-工商時報2022-12-02
Charsire’s New Drug Aims to Capture Multi-Billion-Dollar Dementia Treatment Market2022-09-23
儕陞生技失智症植物新藥 明年申請美國FDA三期-三立新聞2022-07-29
搶攻失智症藥品商機 儕陞新藥拚明年啟動三期臨床2022-07-24
血管型失智症用藥選擇多 專家:最好的藥是照顧者陪伴2022-07-24
啟動三期臨床!儕陞失智症新藥有望取得 FDA 快速審查資格2022-07-22
儕陞生技多元醣體新藥 競逐千億失智醫藥市場2022-07-22
搶攻失智症藥品商機 儕陞新藥拚明年啟動三期臨床2022-07-21
獨步全球失智症新藥 儕陞規畫三期臨床2022-07-20
2011年「豆科作物及紫色甘藷高值化產品開發」獲行政院農業委員會 補助2022-06-15
2003年 行政院生策會-國家生技醫療品質入圍獎2022-06-15
2003年 榮獲中華民國消費者協會頂級商品金鑽獎2022-06-15
2003年 榮獲頒發傑出企業與傑出商品金峰獎項2022-06-15
儕陞的善尼仕 入圍 2021年衛福部/經濟部「藥物科技研究發展獎」2022-06-10
儕陞生化 取得國家級榮耀2021-12-23
南科4生技業者 獲國家新創獎2021-12-22
儕陞生化 品牌價值持續攀升2021-12-03
儕陞生化 創傷敷料受肯定2021-04-29
儕陞研發植物性衍生物 作創傷敷料2021-04-19
儕陞生化二類醫材 獲上市許可2021-03-03


2022Charsire is established for 20 years. The epidemic is severe, so Charsire launched a caring medical staff activity and set out gratitude care packages.
2021Sports care activity for Kaohsiung Municipal Fushan Elementary School table tennis team
2021Sports care activity for eSports team of Cheng Shiu University
2021Acquired EU BSI medical device manufacturing GMP
2020Sports care activity for Taitung Red Leaves
2020“Celludoxa Sanovazo trauma dressing”, second-level medical device inspection and registration approval, medical equipment license issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2020CSTC 1clinical phase II trial results unblinded, 12 weeks of treatment for patients with wounds reduced by 90%
2019TFDA Medical Device Manufacturing GMP
2019ISO13485 International Medical Equipment Manufacturing GMP
2019U.S. FDA Phase II dementia clinical results unblinded and identified drug characteristics and responding drug groups. After 12 weeks of treatment, the intelligent analysis has improved by more than 2 points, and the number of people who have improved at the same time is 80%. Established a trial plan for Phase III clinical trials and improved the success rate. It is the world's first new drug for external use of dementia.
2019Visited by teachers and students of the Department of Biotechnology and Bioindustry Sciences, National Cheng Kung University
2019Visited by Department of Biotechnology, Tainan University
2019Visited by the Department of Medical Science Industries, Chang Jung Christian University
2019Visited by Institute of Translational Medicine and New Drug Development, China Medical University
2018Visited by teachers and students of Guoguang Laboratory School, National Sun Yat-sen University
2018Visited by teachers and students of Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University
2018Signed a memorandum of cooperation for medical equipment experience with National Cheng Kung University Hospital
2018Sports care activity for the basketball team of Shin Rong Senior High School
2018Sports care activity for the eSports team of Far East University
2018Sports care activity for baseball team of Taitung Fengtian Elementary School
2017Clinical trial results of head and neck cancer radiotherapy pain relief new drug ACA have been completed. The results show that 90% of patients are protected from radiotherapy skin damage and skin pain.
2017The phase II clinical trial of BAC drug for Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia has begun to enroll cases in eight trial centers in the United States.
2017Walking activity on Tainan National Disaster Prevention Day
2017Charsire Biotechnology Corp. was awarded the Ministry of Finance's 2017 Outstanding Invoice Business Award
2017Charsire joined Tainan Science Park activity for health theme
2016Charsire joined hands with the National Taiwan Sport University to show the determination of industry-academia cooperation, and hope to set up an industry-academia new model for Taiwan's sports industry, and provide products for cooperative R&D and testing. Charsire also provided injury care sponsorship for athletes.
2015Charsire was selected as the 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific, Fast 500
2015Charsire's love and care activities: collecting second-hand clothes for donation
2015ACA, a new pain relief drug for head and neck cancer radiotherapy, has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for phase I of human clinical trials
2014Charsire's love and care activities: love you for life
2013Charsire was the 2013 Tainan City Demonstration Workplace of "Cherish Life and LOHAS Workplace", promoting the importance of workplace mental health. Mayor William Lai personally issued the “Cherish Life and LOHAS Workplace” certification mark and certificate of appreciation.
2013U.S. FDA approves the phase II of human clinical trial, a new drug for diabetic ulcer wounds, CSTC1
2013Completed the construction of the pharmaceutical factory CDMO
2010Established an experimental research and development center for valuable instruments, and established the latest testing and research and development instruments: HPLC/GC/MS/MS, LC/MS/MS, AA and other